RN-BSN Online

Today’s Nurses Need a BSN!

It's a fact. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are now making the BSN mandatory.

80% percent of nurses will need a BSN in order to practice by 2020.

Prepare for your future by applying today to the Andrews University RN-BSN Online program and obtain your baccalaureate in nursing.

The RN-BSN Online program has been offered by the School of Nursing for decades and is now available online.

You have worked hard to earn your RN, now make sure it pays. Put your current credits or degree to work toward your Andrews University BSN in nursing.

RN-BSN Online

Semester Application 
Spring (January-April)

Rolling Admission

Summer (May-July) Rolling Admission
Fall (August-December) Rolling Admission

Admissions Requirements:

  • Associates degree in nursing
  • Undergradute GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Registered Nursing License or equivalent accreditation in country of residence

* Official college/university transcripts are required prior to enrolling in classes
* Official high school transcripts are required if financial aid is needed

School Requirements:


Your appplication will be procesed based on your official transcript and you will be able to upload your documents directly into your application.

Castle Branch

Before the start of clinicals, you must complete the following requirements in Castle Branch:

  • Acceptable criminal background checks from a company recommended by the School of Nursing
  • Physical examinations that include:
    • Tubercullin skin test (if positive a chest x-ray is required, will be evaluated individually and yearly thereafter)
    • Proof of immunization or serum immunity for MMR1 and MMR2 (measles, mumps, rubella, rubeola)
    • T-dap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussin)
    • Hepatitis B testing
  • Proof of either having had chickenpox, tested for varicella-zoster antibodies, or immunization
  • Current CPR certification
  • Favorable drug screening results


Admission to Andrews University does not automatically admit an applicant to the RN-BSN Online program. An additional application to the School of Nursing is necessary. Both applications are required for admission.

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