Clinical Experiences

All graduate students will complete a total of six clinical practicum which will ensure that upon graduation, all will meet ASHA's clinical contact hour requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence. Three clinical experiences are obtained in the School’s on-campus clinical program via the Andrews University Speech & Hearing Clinic. The other three clinical experiences are obtained through our Off-site Affiliation Agreements which includes public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practice settings under the supervision of the AU Off-site Clinical Director  and on-site ASHA-certified clinician.

Students begin their clinical training in the School's on-campus clinical service programs and initially receive high levels of direct supervision. As skills develop, less intense direct supervision is provided.  In all practicum experiences, students receive hands-on work with clients in a variety of evaluative and treatment modes. Students are responsible for recording all clinical hours and must submit experience hours to their supervisors. All clinical hours are tracked by the program director and students are notified of any problems throughout the semester. Clinical hours are recorded and can be monitored through CALISPO.

Clinical experiences may be provided through:

  • AU Speech & Hearing Clinic (on-campus)
  • Public/Private Schools
  • Hospitals/ Medical Centers
  • Pediatric Hospitals/ Medical Centers
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Early Intervention Services 

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Students are also responsible for meeting the health and criminal record clearances established by each off-campus clinical practicum site. Practicum sites may require proof of immunization, proof of a recent physical exam, proof of a most recent flu shot, and may require participants at their own expense, to maintain health insurance.  Professional liability insurance is provided by the University to student interns participating in external practica. Criminal background checks  for all offsite placements are completed at the student's expense. Individual practicum sites reserve the right to refuse to accommodate any student based on the site's criteria for an acceptable background check.For additional information please review the Graduate Student Handbook.

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