Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program

Program Description

Andrews University’s Master of Speech-Language Pathology is designed to provide the student with in-depth academic study, the potential for research and extensive clinical experiences in preparation for careers in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of individuals with speech and language disorders. The Master’s degree program has achieved candidacy status from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.  

 Program Goals

  •  To prepare our students for the professional work force
  • That our students will complete the terminal degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Our students will synthesize and interpret comprehensive knowledge of communication sciences and disorders.
  • Students will effectively integrate knowledge to formulate sound clinical judgements.

Course Requirements

SPPA 500 - Orientation for MS in Speech-Language Pathology Credits: 0
SPPA 502 - Child Language Disorders: Preschool Credits: 3
SPPA 503 - Child Language Disorders: School Age Credits: 3
SPPA 510 - Counseling for Speech-Language Pathology (Standard Option) Credits: 2
SPPA 515 - Aphasia Credits: 3
SPPA 520 - Diagnostics in Speech-Language Pathology Credits: 2
SPPA 521 - Practicum I: Onsite Credits: 2
SPPA 522 - Practicum II: Onsite Credits: 2
SPPA 534 - Research Project I Credits: 2
SPPA 544 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders Credits: 3
SPPA 550 - Praxis Preparatory Class Credits: 1
SPPA 551 - Educational Audiology (Standard Option) Credits: 2
SPPA 574 - Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology Credits: 3
SPPA 583 - Voice and Velopharyngeal Disorders Credits: 3
SPPA 596 - Neurocognitive Disorders Credits: 3
SPPA 608 - Practicum III: Onsite Credits: 3
SPPA 613 - Dysphagia Credits: 3
SPPA 624 - Practicum I: Offsite Credits: 3
SPPA 631 - Motor Speech Disorders Credits: 3
SPPA 634 - Research Project II Credits: 1
SPPA 635 - Research Project III Credits: 1
SPPA 646 - Integration of Spirituality in Health Care Credits: 2
SPPA 647 - Fluency Credits: 3
SPPA 663 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication Credits: 2
SPPA 670 - Comprehensive Examination Credits: 0
SPPA 682 - Practicum II: Offsite Credits: 4
SPPA 683 - Practicum III: Offsite Credits: 4

Program Options

Each graduate student may choose the Standard Option or Thesis Option to complete their degree.

Standard Option
SPPA 510 - Counseling for Speech-Language Pathology (Standard Option) Credits: 2
SPPA 551 - Educational Audiology (Standard Option) Credits: 2

Research Project Option 
SPPA 534 - Research Project I Credits: 2
SPPA 634 - Research Project II Credits: 1
SPPA 635 - Research Project III Credits: 1

Additional Requirements

Clinical Requirements
The applicant for certification in speech-language pathology must complete a minimum of 400 clock hours of supervised clinical experience in the practice of speech-language pathology. Twenty-five (25) hours must be spent in clinical observation, and 375 hours must be spent in direct client/patient contact. The clinical observation must be completed prior to beginning any practicum experiences.

At least 325 of the 400 clock hours must be completed while the applicant is engaged in graduate study in a program accredited in speech-language pathology by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Clinical clock hours will be tracked by the student, advisor, and administrative assistant to insure that the student has had a diverse clinical experience and for accuracy. This program prepares the student for certification.

Placement sites for Practicum may require vaccine records, drug screening, and fingerprinting separate from the program requirements, the cost of this is the students’ responsibility.

Total Credits - 60

Master of Science Program