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What is Proximity?

Your proximity to God determines your ability to know Him! As a result of this proximity, clarity is received, closeness is perceived, and cleanliness is achieved. Consequently, this process transforms the human, leading to improved proximity with others and increased community within the body of Christ.

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Knowing the Father is the pathway to eternal life. If you receive a clear revelation of who God is, and believe that it is true, this knowledge alone will improve your proximity to God and transform your life.

The glory of the Father is felt as proximity is improved. If you perceive an improved closeness to God, it is a sign that you have received the Holy Spirit, the One who transforms us by living within us.

Our Father wants to cleanse us! If you allow God to achieve this goal, the evidence of your improved proximity will be seen, which will empower you to boldly share your story of transformation with others.

Interested in becoming a Student Missionary?

Talk to our Student Missions director in the Office of Campus Ministries.

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Need a place to worship and seek God? Discover the great variety of worship spaces on campus and find one that fits your worship style.

Do you want to grow spiritually and affirm your faith? Link up with groups of believers with whom you can grow together. 

Looking for opportunities to serve on a local and global level? Check out all the service possibilites on our Change Hub. 

Would you like to keep your spiritual ears in tune to God? Campus Ministries offers two main options for you to participate in open-minded Bible Study: Freshly Brewed and Lightbearers.

Do you enjoy praying for others? Are you in need of prayer yourself? Prayer Ministry on the campus of Andrews University is committed to praising God, seeking God and serving God in prayer. 

Are you a graduate student who wants to stay connected on campus? Check out Connect AU and the three graduate-targeted initiatives: Connect Excursion, Connect Cafe & The Agora.


Interested in becoming a student missionary? Want to send care packages to current SMs? Check out our Missions page.

The CM office is a contemporary and relaxing space with some of the best ambiance on campus. Reserve the space for your club meetings or study groups today!