From Dina Rodriguez

As the Office Manager here in Campus Ministries (CM), I have a deep love for each and every student here at Andrews University. 

My desire for each student is that they will come to truly know the God of the Bible—the God that is seen and heard here at Andrews University.  I want the Andrews community to discover how awesome and accessible God is.  He is a God who is always there; all we have to do is whisper, and He is there ready to respond.  He even allows us to feel His presence.  I pray that each student will realize that this God truly cares about every minute detail in their lives.  This God IS FAMILY! 

As students walk through the doors here at the Office of Campus Ministry, I truly want each one to be greeted with a warm smile and a feeling of love and acceptance.  I want each student to see how the CM staff joins forces in prayer and service to make sure the Lord is a very real presence here on the campus of Andrews University.  I want each student to feel that we here in Campus Ministries want to support them, not only in their spiritual walk but also academically and personally.  Each student is encouraged to stop by anytime whether they are in need of encouragement in a school project, a short prayer for a test they are finding challenging, or something they may be dealing with concerning interpersonal relationships.  I strive to make CM a place where students can chill and receive a warm smile.

I truly feel God has blessed me with an awesome opportunity to serve the students here in the Campus Ministry’s office.  It is an honor to serve this wonderful student body.