Youth Ministry seeks to reach out to the young people of Benton Harbor aged 12-18.  Our goal is to help these young people build solid relationships with Christ through:

  • Encouraging development of personal devotional lives.
  • Finding God in nature through hiking and learning about His creations.
  • Educating them on how to achieve a balanced life according to Biblical principals.
  • Teaching them how to make wise decisions about drugs, sexual lifestyle, health, future careers, etc.
  • Encouraging them to be active members of their church families.
  • Showing them how they can witness to people in their local and world-wide community.
  • Discussing the importance of prayer for their Christian journeys.
  • Sharing testimonies.
  • Matching kids with mentors.
  • Making learning about the Bible fun through games, trivia, stories and discussions.
  • And lots more!