Japhet De Oliveira

Japhet De Oliveira

Director of CYE, Chaplain for Missions and Interim Dir. for MA Youth Ministry

Email: japhet@andrews.edu
Office: 269-471-8342
Cell: 269-208-9024
Japhet's video

Pastor De Oliveira is an energetic and innovative leader with a passion for young people. Japhet earned his BA in theology and an MA in Religion with a certificate in church growth from Andrews University on the Newbold College campus.

"If I can be part of a team that makes a difference to both those connected with and searching for God, I will be a satisfied man," says De Oliveira about his role at Andrews. "At the end of the day when I look back on my life, I want to know that I served well, played hard, that my boys and wife are proud of me and that God inspired my leadership. Honestly, what more is there?"

Name: Japhet Jalvanson De Oliveira
Title: Chaplain for Missions
Age: 35
Born: Beckenham, England
Siblings: Four brothers and one sister.
Married: Believe it or not, yes, to Becky, for 13 years.
Kids: Two boys, aged 10 and 6. Witnessed both their births. Childbirth is—uh—really beautiful. I didn't faint, although the gas helped a lot.
Education: Theology BA and Religion MA plus driving licenses from more than one country with speeding tickets to match.
Mission Service: Cornwall, England and Macau, China plus the sprinkling of other spices and countries when they used to stamp your passport.
Greatest fear: Inadvertently driving my car off a bridge and ending up trapped underwater.
First language: Portuguese—most of which I've forgotten, though I can still understand what Brazilians say and I stalk them quietly. I lived in Brazil when I was about  two years old for about a year, so that was where I first  started to talk. I don't have a funny accent though. I have no future as a telemarketer.
What I'd be if not a pastor: Dr. Indiana Jones
Obsessed with: Apple Mac computers
Defining moment: Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and thinking, "That could be me!"—but as a missionary, rather than an archeologist. Not keen on all the snakes though.
First job: McDonald's. That was where I developed my lifelong passion for fitness and healthy eating.