Approval Criteria

Criteria for Approved Agencies

If your organization wishes to be added to our list of approved agencies, you must meet the criteria below. For more information, please contact the Chaplain for Missions, June Price, at

  1. That your agency has approval and a working relationship with the local mission or conference office for your service projects which are in-line with the current mission or conference office objectives.
  2. That you will provide adequate and safe housing, food, and living allowance.
  3. That you have national governmental approval for your service projects and apply for appropriate visas.
  4. That you have the acquired medical counsel and research for each location and can advise as accordingly.
  5. That you have the highest level of insurance, which will cover at least:
    1. Travel to and from the site of service
    2. Sickness and accident while deployed
    3. Accidental death and repatriation benefits
    4. Overall liability
    5. That you will provide an orientation and training at the start of each project.
    6. That where possible you will match student gifts with service projects.