Raising Support

Practical Tips

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6.

Your decision to respond to God’s leading is a fact which will separate you from most Christians.  You are pursuing a course of action which, when combined with hundreds of others like yourself, can literally change the world we live in. Focus on the big picture (i.e the people, the country, the needs).  Share the vision; be excited, your exuberance will rub off on others!

We encourage you to seek God As your ultimate Provider, and to share the vision of what He is doing in your life, and in world missions. As you encourage others, God will be faithful to provide for your needs through people He has chosen to participate with you.




Fundraising Ideas

  1. Prayer. Much prayer and a fresh reading of the New Testament, especially the Epistles of Paul,  will help establish a proper attitude for expecting God to work in miraculous ways as you become involved in world missions.
  2. Core group. Share your hopes, fears, and dreams with those closest to you.  Do not “’go it alone,” but form a group of people who you will regularly inform of your progress for the purpose of prayer.
  3. Network. Speak with your pastor, mission’s board, family and friends. Ask them to pray for you as you begin the support raising process.  Do not forget people at work, fellow students, teachers, church friends, etc.
  4. Brochure/letter. Research the countries you will be in and gather information, articles, newspapers, etc.  Enlist the help of a friend to develop a small brochure or creative fundraising letter, include a description of your background and God’s leading. (View more tips on writing fundraising letters, including a sample letter.)
  5. Fact sheet. List a break down of your expenses, i.e airfare, lodging, printing, travel, etc. Include a breakdown of how you propose to raise your support including your own personal contribution, savings, etc.
  6. Media. Local newspaper editors are interested in stories of local people reaching out to other countries.  This is free advertising.  Your local Christian radio station or college radio station may have a talk show interview possibility.
  7. Meetings. See if the pastor will give you some time in one of the church services or during a vespers, Sabbath school, or spiritual event where you share your testimony, vision, show slides, etc.
  8. Events. Try raising money through creative event planning programs such as benefit concerts, club sponsorships, plays, banquets, poetry readings, car washes with a twist, plays, etc…