Encourage the young ever to keep the preciousness and grace of God highly exalted. Work and pray constantly for a sense of the preciousness of true religion. Bring in the blessedness and the attractiveness of holiness and the grace of God. (Fundamentals of Christian Education, pg 548)

Our first work and primary aim is to have young people be followers of Jesus Christ.  We want them, and they want, to know Jesus as their Friend, Creator, and Savior.  May their lives be light in the darkness, may their hands be the hands of Jesus Christ to the world, though scarred bringing healing to a wounded world.

This kind of work in faith development is best accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit.  And what better way to invite the Holy Spirit into this space then through Prayer.  Please pray for and on behalf of the students, faculty, and staff here.  We need the spiritual power for the spiritual battles we are constantly facing.  Also we need to know that you are lifting prayers up for us. 

Email us a note with a prayer or just to tell us you are praying for us: