About the College

About the College of Technology
The College of Technology enrolls approximately 450 undergraduate students each year in its associate and baccalaureate degree programs. These degrees are offered in the four departments of the College of Technology: Aeronautics, Agriculture, Digital Media & Photography, and Engineering & Computer Science. The College employs 28 full-time faculty and administrators in addition to a number of contract teachers.

We are proud of our Academic Program Guide; a valuable resource as you explore the many technical programs offered by the College of Technology. Each degree is outlined in detail in the department section in which it is offered. These cutting-edge careers will give you the necessary skills and assist you in bridging your educational experiences to a rewarding world of work in the 21st century.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 70% increase in technology-related occupations in the next 3-5 years. If you want an exciting career with a future that is challenging, rewarding and pays excellent wages, choose from among the careers offered by the College of Technology.

Mission Statement
The College of Technology fully subscribes to the mission statement of Andrews University. Of utmost importance is the offering of a quality Christian education stressing the balanced development of the mental, physical, spiritual and social powers of the student in an environment that is supportive of excellence, truth and growth in preparation for a life of Christian service.

The purposes of the College of Technology within the framework of a Seventh-day Adventist university are as follows:

  • To provide the opportunity for study in a broad range of technological fields including some distinctive areas that are not available elsewhere in a Seventh-day Adventist setting
  • To take an active leadership role in the education and development of students worldwide in technological areas through a structure of affiliation and support
  • To nurture a holistic development of the student in theory and practice through a unified work-learning system which encourages accurate observation and creative independent thought while emphasizing that "practical wisdom which we call common sense"
  • To maintain a well-integrated spectrum of technological education related to the broad scope of modern industry and business by providing state-of the-art experiences
  • To offer a logical opportunity for growth by accepting a student at his or her level of ability and interest and providing the opportunity for advancement to his or her point of optimum benefit
  • To build a sound educational base for entrance into related professional areas, further academic education, and a lifetime of self-development and learning as technology progresses within a changing society
  • To prepare the student for a life of service that is relevant and useful by anticipating the future needs and directions of technological progress and by maintaining a conscious flexibility to meet those needs
  • To facilitate the integration of human lives into a technological society for the uplift of humankind and for the honor of the Creator
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