Welcome to Andrews University’s College of Professions! We are proud to offer an assortment of fully accredited degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Please select an option below to learn more about our programs.

We offer several excellent options for students wishing to pursue an undergraduate business degree. Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees ensure that students have a solid foundation in all the core areas of business while allowing them to further specialize by choosing a major. Our Bachelor of Science (BS) in business administration is perfect for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-law and other pre-professional students who will need business skills to operate their own practices after their studies are complete. All of our bachelor degrees include the prerequisites needed for furthering your education in a MBA program, if desired.

Our Associate of Science (AS) in general business is built for those wishing for a two-year option that gives them the basics needed to jump into the workforce or to build on at a later time. Finally, we offer quality business minors in economics, finance and more that provide the perfect complement to any degree.