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Want to guide businesses and individuals in their investment decisions?

From analyzing stocks and bonds and developing wise investment strategies to controlling costs and making smart financial decisions for a company, finance is an excellent career for anyone who enjoys managing money!


The School of Business at Andrews University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

Why Finance @ SBA?

Finance professionals guide businesses and individuals in their investment decisions. They produce financial reports, find the funding necessary to advance corporate initiatives, and strategize for the long-term success of the organization.

As an Andrews University finance student, you will graduate well-prepared to be an active participant in the world of finance. Our curriculum is rigorous but rewarding and provides a solid educational foundation for future finance professionals. Two of our undergraduate finance electives, Portfolio Theory and Futures & Options Markets, are more commonly seen in graduate-level programs across the country, so our graduates already have a leg-up in applying for graduate programs or securing valuable employment.

All of our courses, from International Financial Management to Financial Planning, will teach you advanced skills for analyzing and interpreting financial data and making sound financial decisions. In Futures & Options Markets, you will learn how to use DerivaGem, a sophisticated finance software which calculates the formula value of options, derivatives, implied volatilities and many other complex financial equations. Our Investments course will have you managing your own simulated portfolio, giving you the opportunity to select a group of stocks, make trades, and try to beat the market on a risk adjusted basis.

Join our chapter of the Financial Management Association to network with finance professionals and launch projects that make a difference in the community. Pair your classroom knowledge with real world experience by participating in a finance internship to build your resume while you study. Then graduate from Andrews University ready to start a rewarding career right away as a financial analyst, manager or planner. Or you may also choose to obtain one or more financial certifications that will enable you to further specialize and pursue your individual interests in the field of finance.

Possible careers in Finance

• Corporate Finance
• Commercial Banking
• Investment Banking
• Hedge Funds
• Financial analyst
• Trader
• Regulatory compliance officer
• Tax Examiner
• Financial Manager
• Quantitative analyst
• Financial Planning
Job outlook - 12% (Faster than average, Financial Analysts), 30% (Much faster than average, personal financial analysts)

Average salary

$78,620 - $81,060 per year – Financial Analyst to Personal Financial Advisor
* Salaries for finance graduates range broadly depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position. The salaries listed above are average across years of experience and should not be expected for entry-level positions.

*The salary listed above is average depends on experience (not be expected for entry-level positions).

Entry-level salary range in Berrien County, Michigan (low end of salary range) – $29,580 (Personal Financial Advisor) - $51,470 (Financial Analyst)

Mariem Ruiz

"I like that my major allows me to provide help on both broad and personal levels. The skills I am acquiring will be incredibly useful for big companies, small companies, families, or individuals. Learning finance will help me serve God by helping people and companies reach their financial goals."
- Mariem Ruiz, Finance Major

Nathan Amankwah

"If you’re choosing a major in business…, I say go for the one that not only appeals the most to you now, but appeals to your future. Invest in your future. If you’re majoring in Finance, get involved in FMA [Financial Management Association] as soon as possible. The internship and networking opportunities are amazing, and we need more people to get involved in our FMA team"
- Nathan Amankwah, Finance Major

Tracy Vu

"The classes are small, so we actually get to know our teachers and we can comfortably approach them whenever we have questions about what we are studying. "
- Tracy Vu, Finance Major