Accounting & Finance
College of Professions
Chan Shun Hall
4185 E. Campus Circle Dr.
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Put that love of order to good use and become part of the glue that holds businesses together with a degree in accounting.

From analyzing stocks and bonds and developing wise investment strategies to controlling costs and making smart financial decisions for a company, finance is an excellent career for anyone who enjoys managing money!

Cool Internship Opportunities!

Internship can be an excellent way to get experience as well as a foot in the door to a potential future employer. The best part is you can do at the convenience doing it in campus while taking classes!

Lucile Sabas, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance & Economics
215B Chan Shun Hall

Alan J. Kirkpatrick, DBA

Associate Professor of Finance
215A Chan Shun Hall

Carmelita Troy, PhD

Chair Accounting, Economics and Finance
Associate Professor of Accounting
215E Chan Shun Hall

Quentin Sahly, MBA

Associate Professor of Accounting
215F Chan Shun Hall

Ralph Trecartin, PhD

Dean, Associate Provost & Professor of Finance
 202 Chan Shun Hall

Jerry Chi, PhD

Assistant Dean, Professor of Management, & Graduate Program Director
 203 Chan Shun Hall

An Internship can be an excellent way to get experience as well as a foot in the door to a potential future employer. Internships help you put into practice the information and knowledge you are taught here in the class room.  At the College of Professions, we have many of these opportunities for you. Our students have gotten internships at places like Adventist Health Systems, Kettering Health Network, JP Morgan, Whirlpool and Crowe Horwath (plus many more).

These internship opportunities are what help transition you from a School of Business Administration student to a business professional. We can help you find the right place to make this transition!

Accounting students have the opportunity through Crowe Horwath’s “Crowe on Campus program, to get an internship on campus, getting class credit, and getting paid! That’s right… Getting paid $15.50/hour! From here, a lot of these interns will be offered full time positions working for Crowe Horwath.

As an Andrews University finance student, you will graduate well-prepared to be an active participant in the world of finance. Our curriculum is rigorous but rewarding and provides a solid educational foundation for future finance professionals.

We have graduates working in leadership rotational programs at a healthcare organization, in finance at a multinational banking and financial services holding company, in project management at an international not-for-profit organization, and even missionaries!

The School of Business at Andrews University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.