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What's in your future

If you are interested in business technology and looking for employment security and professional growth, then an  Information Systems major might be the major for you! It is considered one of the fastest growing job outlooks in business technology!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and  U.S. Department of Labor, Information Systems is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average of most occupations.

The demand for Information Systems professionals will just increase as orgranizations plan to expand their operations into the Cloud, social media space, and integrate into the latest emerging digital platforms. Information Systems professionals are enterprise architects equipped with the knowledge of business and technology that will lead the way in designing, interfacing, and developing policies as to how organizations interact with these new digital platforms efficiently and safely. 

We understand that the time after graduating from college is really stressful as you land your first job.  Relax, the outlook looks really great with a degree in Information Systems.  Information systems is a field that is diverse enough to encompass different areas of business and technology, so landing a job inline with your interest, could be an actual thing!

What's your value...

In May 2019, it was estimated that Information Systems managers earn an average of $146,360 per year!  The lowest 10 percent (new graduates) earned an average of $87,480 and the highest 10 percent (CEOs and CIOs) earned an average of $208,000 per annum!

Here are the top ten industries in which they worked were as follows:


Industry Annual Salary
Information $161,930
Computer systems design and related services $152,840
Finance and insurance $150,810
Management of companies and enterprises $148,290
Manufacturing  $146,720


Reference: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Computer and Information Systems Managers,
on the Internet at (visited July 22, 2020).

Women in Business Technology

For years the technology industry is a male dominated arena, but recently women are making their mark!  Women like Marcy Klevorn (Ford), Pam Parisian (AT&T), and Cynthia Stoddard (Adobe) have been leading their companies into the next digital age. 

Career path

Information Systems is one of those fields that is open to a ton of different options and career paths and landing a career that is YOU,  might just be a reality. Let's say you're more into business, then you can explore project management or marketing information systems.  What about working in the medical field? Well, a new emerging field called Medical Information Systems is making changes in how we interact, collect, and process medical information.  Hmmmm what about if you love the "nuts-n-bolts" of computing? Then there are careers like systems engineering to software analyst. Of course if you are an inspirer and want to put your leadership skills into an actionable plan? Being a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO) or even an educator would be a perfect career path for you.

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