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"In each business, there is a process, or a delivery system or information system, that is changing rapidly under them."

-Ken Moelis 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Moelis & Company
A global independent investment bank that provides innovative strategic advice and solutions to a diverse client 
base, including corporations, governments and financial sponsors. 

What in the world is IS?

If you're looking for a dynamic degree with a ton of upward mobility in any industry, then Information Systems is for you! IS or Information Systems is a blend of applied technology, business knowledge, marketing strategies, project management, and cultural awareness mashed into a single major designed to support organizational strategies in accounting, management, human resources, and information technology or IT. 

So why study IS?

Organizations either for-profit or not-for-profit develop well thought strategies to compete in their niche industries and IS is the backbone of those strategies.  We use systems analysis and design to understand organization structure and dynamics, then deploy technologies (hardware, applications, and databases) to support organization efficiency or increase sales, and promote a positive business culture.

IS Builds Strategies...

Through systems modeling, database architecture, applied technology, and project management.

What you get while in our program...

Here is our really simple three-step strategy:

  1. we build you
  2. we support you
  3. we empower you

With these three steps we create an very unique and dynamic experience like no other. Unlike other larger "brand named" institutions where you are treated like a number, we treat you as professionals.  We bring our industry experience into the classroom to create a dynamic and up-to-date subject matter in our different disciplines.  In addition,  our upper division classes allow you to work on what we call "living" projects.  These projects range from HR analysis, social media assesment, web-based projects, database design, marketing strategies, point-of-sale architecture (POS), app design, and project management.  Our classes partners with US and international based for-profit or not-for-profit organization to deliver a living classroom experience.

Our classes are industry molded, out-of-the-box creative, and simply just a whole lot of fun!  Very hands-on, very interactive, very dynamic, and you will get a glimpse of this extremely vibrant, fast-paced, and rapidly growing industry.  What are YOU waiting for?


The building process

Before you can run... you'll have to learn to crawl. We help build your technical skills, IS lingo, business knowledge, marketing prowess, and financial awareness in preperation for this fast-paced industry.

Step 1: We build you...

Even our fundamental classes are design with the future IS Professional in mind.  We teach you the language of IS and Business for example:

  • In INFS120 Foundation of IT, covers the organization theatre you will be operating in and an applied practical approach on tools (Cloud technology, productive applications, data visualization, and basics of web deployment) we use in industry today.
  • INFS215 Business Applications this covers a more in depth knowledge of business productive applications e.g. spreadsheets and data visualization.
  • INFS226 IT Hardware and Software is an "IT Bootcamp" class where we walk you through hardware handling, server platforms, networking basics, IOT devices, and simple hands-on projects. Our philosophy, "You can't management something you don't understand", so we give you the fundamentals... plus it's just plain fun!
  • INFS235 Business Programming - don't let the word programming scare you off.  This class was designed for the business person in mind not for the computer "connoisseur".  You will learn to see how the web operates at the client view. 

In addition to these core classes you will have an opportunity to build your spirituality, ethics, and business acumen through our program.

We support you

In our advanced classes you will get to actively participate in real-world projects or what we loving call "living" projects.

Information Systems & Marketing faculty and students in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso gather specification requirements for the development of a micro-business support app.

In most of our upper division classes you will be invovled in working on real-life projects we call "living" projects.  These are industry (for-profit or not-for-profit) based projects embeded into the curriculum giving you a safe view of what is happening in the industry today.  At the same time these "living" projects can build your resume or collect required hours for your Project Management certification (PMI/CAPM). 

For example in INFS318 Business Systems Analysis & Design the class completed the following recent (3 years) projects:


Organization Type Porject Location
Tanager International Not-for-profit Financial App Development Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Kachibe For-profit Web Systems Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Backpacks for Berrien Not-for-profit Web Development Berrien Springs, MI
Advanced Dental Labs For-Profit Operations Analysis Lebanon, PA

NOTE: You might have a chance to travel to these remote locations around the world making a difference!

Empowering you

Through our JR IT Support Specialist program you will be able to put together your accuired skills and knowledge and apply in our diverse student employment areas: Andrews University ITS Help Desk, College of Professions App/Web Developer, Classroom Support Specialist, Marketing Services, and Project Leads.

Not only do we give you the knowledge, our environment allows yours skills and learned knowledge to be applied through our extra curricular programs like - Jr IT Specialist, Enactus, and other campus wide job opportunities. Yes you get paid to hone your skills, polish your resume, build your knowldege, and make professional contacts that will help you beyond your academic experience.

Jr. IT Specialist Progam here at Andrews is run by the School of Business Administration which is designed to provide technical (hardware and software implementation, tech training, network infrastructure design, Cloud support, marketing, app development, and web development) services to all the facets of the College of Professions.  You will be responsible for: classroom technology, computer labs, faculty and staff tech support, Andrews University ITS Help Desk, and provide technical consultation to SBA projects and non-SBA entities.

While working with some projects you'll have a chance to travel internationally (ALL PAID) to implement our projects like in Burkina Faso through Enactus.  Yes, an all paid trip for a project!  Experience a different culture, meet new people, see the world, understand client needs, then change the world.

The School of Business at Andrews University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

Our students are changing the world...

In a world of rapid and constant change, you can depend on our graduates not just adapt, but thrive and succeed in our field. This is just a small sample where you can find our graduates changing our world.

Andrew Pagels

The IS Program at the Andrews University School of Business provided me the opportunity to learn and get experience with a number of technologies during my education. The smaller class sizes allowed for more personal connection with the professors and classmates. The program's diversity allowed me to get a picture of where I wanted to focus in on with my career and ultimately helped with securing a position with a major healthcare provider in Florida. 

-Andrew Pagels
Enterprise Technology Architect

Nicolas Paz

The IS program gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my industry. Not only did I learn some vital technical skills, I gained important business knowledge and how to be a liaison between the developers and end users. Whether your goal is to become a software developer or an IT Project Manager, this program will adequately prepare you for whatever comes next after graduation.

- Nicolas Paz
Software Test Engineer at Integra LTC Solutions

Kris Owens

My time with the Information Systems program at Andrews University was an overwhelming positive experience. In a competitive job market -- I believe this program helped me gain the technical ability and business acumen that allowed me to stand out to employers in the workforce. Andrews provided welcoming classmates, engaged faculty, and a hands on curriculum. All in all this program helped me to develop the skills that have directly led me to a technically challenging position in an industry leading company. Andrews University’s Information systems program has been a critical part of my success and helped me gain a competitive advantage —and could not have been more pleased with my choice.

- Kris Owens
IT Business Systems Analyst - Associate at American Electric Power

Olabode Ogidan

Reflecting in hindsight, double majoring in Business Management and Information Systems was the best decision I could’ve made. I have found that Business Management alone is useful and will open doors, but Information Systems has gotten me through those doors. Companies today are shifting their focus from traditional methods to more unconventional ways of business, wherein my training in Information Systems has aided me.

The education I received here has given me an advantage over my peers in the workplace. Many people are not versed in computer processes, resulting in those with an IS background to have a significant competitive edge. Post completing my education at Andrews, I have been sought after by managers within my company in different states to utilize skills that only an Information Systems degree could have afforded me. The Information Systems program offered by Andrews University renders a solid foundation for anyone seeking a career in technology.

- Olabode Ogidan
Associate Project Manager, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Laser Systems

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Job outlook

According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, the employment of information systems managers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all other occupations. Demand for qualified information systems managers and specialist will grow as for-profit and not-for-profit increasingly expand their business to digital and cloud platforms.

Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...
or Learn more about the job outlook...


Mix 'n' Match

Checkout what an Information Systems minor can do for you and your career.  As the need for a technology skilled workers increase, adding Information Systems as a minor will bring added value to your field of expertise.  

Explore a Minor in Information Systems

Program schedule

Here is the latest (2020-2021) four-year program planning guide that outlines the core classes and general requirements to give you an idea how-to plan for your future.