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A minor in Information Systems is designed to supplement your major field with the technical knowledge of business technology and processes. It equips the you, the graduate, with the right toolkit for applying the latest tech to enhance any area of expertise. The Information Systems minor also prepares the graduate for liaising with non-technical personnel, IT support, and upper management.

You will learn to decompose an organizational problem related to your field, develop a sound solution, and be able to integrate a technology-based solutions into an organizational environment.  

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Total Credits - 18*

INFS 120 - Foundations of Information Technology Credits: 3
INFS 226 - Hardware and Software Credits: 3
INFS 310 - Networks and Telecommunications Credits: 3
INFS 318 - Business Systems Analysis and Design Credits: 3


Choose 2 courses for a total of 6 credits from the following:

Any remaining INFS courses.
BSAD 487 - Internship in _________ Credits: 1–3

*Note: We are in the process of reducing the minor from 21-18 credits

Andrews University has received accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)

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"… what society overwhelmingly asks for is snake oil. Of course, the snake oil has the most impressive names — otherwise you would be selling nothing — like “Structured Analysis and Design”, “Software Engineering”, “Maturity Models”, “Management Information Systems”, “Integrated Project Support Environments” “Object Orientation” and “Business Process Re-engineering".

Edsger Dijkstra
(/ˈdaɪkstrə/; Dutch: [ˈɛtsxər ˈʋibə ˈdɛikstra] ( listen); 11 May 1930 – 6 August 2002) was a Dutch computer scientist, programmer, software engineer, systems scientist, science essayist, and pioneer in computing science.

Management IS

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people and technology in relationship to organizational structure.  They help firms realize their maximum potentials.  This is a people-oriented field with an emphasis on service through technology. 

The perfect pair:

  • BBA Management
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA International Business
  • BBA Accounting

Marketing IS

Marketing data is constantly gathered by for-profit or not-for-profit organizations as they engage with customers/clients.  The role of a Market Information System specialist is to provide support in the storage, analysis, and interpretation of these interactions (sales, complaints, returns, etc...) to be able to understand the market niche. 

The perfect pair:

  • BBA Marketing
  • BA Communication
  • BS,BFA Graphics Design
  • BS,BFA Photography


Health IS

Health IS (HIS) refers to an information system designed to manage large volumes of healthcare data.  As a professional in this field, you will design systems that collect, store, manage, and transmit electronic medical records (EMR), work in operational management, or in supporting the development  of policies.

The perfect pair:

  • BSN Nursing
  • BSMLS Medical Lab Science
  • BSPH Public Health
  • Social Behavior


Humanities oriented IS

Governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), and church organizations are beginning to embrace emerging web and Cloud technologies to provide information and services to their clients/customers.  With this growth, the need of Information Systems specialist will increase. 

The perfect pairs:

  • BSW Social Work
  • BS Global Studies
  • BS, BA Political Science
  • BS, BA Sociology

Aviation Management IS

The Aviation Management Information System (AMIS) is responsible for the collection, storage, and analysis of flight data to provide decision support and assistance on developing policies for safer air travel.

The perfect pair:

  • AT Aviation Flight
  • AT Aviation Maintenance
  • BT Aviation

IS in applied sciences

Whether you are dealing with a ecological disaster, predicting harvest yields, or professionally designing a landscape, Information Systems is used to assist making critical decision based on live data.  With the emergence of new tools such as drones and supporting applications, there will be an increase need to provide time and cost saving actionable reports. 

The perfect pair:

  • AS Agriculture
  • BSA, BS Architectural Studies
  • BS Sustainable Horticulture
  • BS Biology (with natural history, ecology, and conservation emphasis)

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