Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Mildred S McGrath mcgrath Employee (269)471-3976 Patron Services Mgr
JWL 231
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1400
Mariangeli Morauske mariangeli Student
Maxwell A Murray murraym Student
Mark A Moreno mmoreno Employee (269)471-6398 Faculty
ARC 124
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0450
Margarita C Mattingly mattingl Employee (269)471-3508 Department Chair
HYH 213
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0380
M Angelica Munoz munozm Employee (269)471-6230 Assist Registrar for Off-Campus Programs
Academic Records
ADM 207
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0800
Maxine A Murray maxine Employee,Student (269)471-6031 Operations Manager
Integrated Marketing and Communication
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1000
Marcella J Myers marcellm Employee (269)471-3293 Associate Professor
History and Political Science
BUL 129
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0010
Maximino A Mejia mmejia Employee (269)471-3095 Associate Professor
Public Health Nutrition and Wellness
MH 301A
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0210
Meshack M Mangate mangate Student
Meshach P Maui'a meshach Student
Marlene N Murray mmurray Employee (269)471-6243 Faculty
PH 225
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0410
Murray L Miller millerm Student
Mark Mondak mondakm Employee (269)471-3375 Operations Manager
Academic Records
ADM 2nd Flr
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0800
Marlene D Morris-Lambert morrisla Student
Macy N McVay macy Student
Marcus G Mesquita Rosa Godinho godinho Student
Millie S Mfune milliem Employee
Madjer A Monteiro madjer Student
Michelle D Mbugua mbuguam Student
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