Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Yvonne Tung Yee Yong yvonnetung Employee (269)471-6395 International Student Advisor
Office of International Student Services Programs
ADM 307
Berrien Springs, MI 49103-1650
Yobela J Kumaseh yobela Student
Yessica Cabezas cabezas Student
Yaxin Guo yaxin Student
Yulian A Tinoco yulian Student
Yosia I Nurhan yosia Student
Cheuk Chi Yu cheuk Student
Joey Lam lamy Student
Hin Chun Timothy Yip hinchuntim Student
Yoonju Choi yoonjuc Student
Jenna Lee yeajin Student
Yucheng Liu yucheng Student
Neo N Seo younghyuns Student
Yamile M Reinhardt yamile Student
Yuet M Wong yuet Student
Lex Pena yamilex Student
Yonghee Oh yonghee Student
Sydnee R Young sydnee Student
Yaseer Alluwaim yaseer Student
Yoon J Jeong yoonkyung Student
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