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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Raduly, Andrew radulya Student
Ramos, Anderson T. ramosa Student
Ranaivoson, Andriamaminiain ranaivos Student
Reddi, Andrea T. reddi Student
Saenz, Andres andres Student
Saunders, Andrew T. sauners Student
Sayler, Andrea A. sayler Student
Schlosser, Andrew J. schlosser Student
Shurtliff, Andrew A. shurtliff Student
Simpson, Andrew J. sandrew Student
Soares Goncalves, Andre R. soaresgonca Student
Spooner, Andrew M. spoonera Student
Stevens, Andrea E. Student
Stewart, Andrew R. stewarta Student
Stewart, Andria C. andria Student
(269)471-3514 Administrative Assisant
InMinistry Center
SEM 206
Stojanovic, Andrew D. stojanoa Student

Swanson, Andrea M. swansona Student
(269)471-3519 Office Assistant
Transportation 8339 Farm Oval
Szynkowski, Andrea L. szynkows Student
Theus, Andrew T. theus Student
Tompkins, Andrew J. tompkina Student
Trofort, Andre M. trofort Student
Van Deursen, Andrew J. vandeursen Student
Vitela, Andres G. vitela Student
von Maur, Andrew C. avonmaur Employee (269)471-6377 Professor
School of Architecture Art and Design
ARC 126
Wagoner, Andrea L. wagoner Student
Walayat, Andrew J. walayat Student
Wang, Andy A. wanga Student
Weston, Andre B. westona Student
Whiting, Andrew B. whitinga Student
Young, Andrew J. younga Student
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