The African continent has experienced significant growth in membership, as many areas have experienced economic, social and political challenges and hardships.

 A major need is for more schools and school related programs. Global Mission has called for a focus on literacy and vocational training for the underprivileged, more Gospel outreach programs, and evangelistic training and materials.

Griggs has worked in collaboration with many church entities to provide much needed educational opportunities. From adult pastors and young people – in such countries as Ghana, Rwanda, the Congo, Cameroon, South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Tanzania – to K-12 students across the African continent, over 800 students have earned certificates and degrees from Griggs in recent years.

We have expanded our work with relief and government agencies to provide emergency education for refugees and students in need. One such refugee, a “Sudanese lost boy,” Yuot Bol Ayok, writes of his life as an orphan while escaping his small Village of Anyidi when it came under Muslim attack. He lived for a number of years in an Ethiopian refugee camp, but once again, war broke out, and he had to flee for his life. After reaching a camp in Kenya, Yuot was provided with food and shelter by the Red Cross and coursework through Griggs. He writes, "I thank everybody who contributed to help Sudanese children during this disaster.” It is through our supporters that we are able to provide these services.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help. If you would like to support Griggs financially, please call us toll-free for further information: (800) 782-4769. 

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