Griggs University Global Pastoral Training

Griggs University continues to train pastors around the globe. Every week, our president and Christian Ministry Department receive requests for pastoral training, certification and accredited course work – often from remote parts of the world with limited resources. These individuals are in need of SDA-based ministerial courses developed to assist them in meeting their language and cultural needs and in a format that is flexible for those who cannot attend an SDA university or seminary.

Recently, Griggs developed a Master of Christian Ministry (MCM) program that has been presented in South Africa, the Baltic states, and abroad. However, this program has its limitations. It is based on delivery by seasoned theologians and ministers in a traditional classroom setting. Our MCM program, along with training and certification courses for pastors, needs to be developed for online delivery so that it can be used by a greater audience.

At the request of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Griggs has agreed to provide the course work, materials, teachers, and staff for these programs. However, funding for scholarships and development of online material is necessary.

Since 1909, Griggs, a nonprofit organization, has depended on the generosity of friends like you to help in our global mission of bringing Adventist Christian-based programs and courses to those with educational challenges. You may not feel you can leave your home and help in a developing country or deliver aid to an individual who is trying to break the cycle of poverty. But with your gift, you can educate a pastor, develop a ministerial course or place a soul-winning program online that will not only empower a minister, but will change for eternity the many lives he or she will teach. Please prayerfully consider the needs of these pastors and how you can help:

  • Requests from Ghana, South Africa, the Baltic states, China, Thailand
  • Online courses developed in Mandarin Chinese for pastors in China
  • Development of all training and certification programs online
  • Development of Master of Christian Ministry program online
  • Development of new programs under Andrews University
  • 25% off Griggs tuition for student studying at Adventist K-12 schools

Please prayerfully consider how you can help. If you would like to support Griggs financially, please call us toll-free for further information:(800) 782-4769.

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