About the Consortium

Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities

Oakwood University (OU), Washington Adventist University (WAU), and Andrews University (AU) enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship in which they pool their resources to more efficiently and effectively serve college students through the Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities. Andrews University is the facilitating partner, ensuring students are registered in courses, coordinating course development and faculty, and supporting students through their educational experience.

Review the latest Consortium Catalog to find online courses available through sister North American Division Adventist colleges and universities.  Use the Registration Packet to enroll and begin study year-round.

Current Consortium Partners:

  • Andrews University (since 1997)
  • Oakwood University (since 1999)
  • Washington Adventist University (since 1969)

Consortium Benefits to the Student

  • Affordable to the student
  • Offered through a regionally accredited university
  • Flexible scheduling for the student
  • Can complete quickly OR over a year.
  • Adventist: so students can take required religion courses
  • Credit through their own college/university or through another Adventist institution so credits transfer easily

Consortium Benefits to the Institution

  • Can offer for credit through your own institution
  • Tuition sharing agreement
  • Ability to offer flexible scheduling courses to students
  • General education courses to accompany your online degree

Consortium Provides

  • Student services for all programs
  • Processes course enrollments and textbook and supply orders
  • Manages the grading, faculty and learning processes

Partner Institution Responsibilities

  • Approve courses
  • Approve adjunct faculty who teach the courses
  • Accept and process degree admission applications
  • Provide grade reports, transcripts, and diplomas to the student

Thank you for your interest as we shape the future. To receive updates on the Adventist Consortium of Colleges and Universities, email us to be added to our e-new list, Friends of the Consortium.