Finally, time to pick up interests long work hours never allowed!  Online courses flexibly come to your home, making study possible anytime convenient in your day (or night).  With a laptop and one textbook, you can easily pack your studies on your travels too.  

We recommend the following courses that may be of particular interest to you: 

  • Adventist Heritage: immerse yourself in the stories and history of early Adventism
  • Apocalyptic & Biblical Prophecy: a course based on small group study lessons
  • Astronomy: complete with a lab kit with interesting activities you can do at home; some math skills required
  • Biblical Prayers: a course based on a small group study series of lessons
  • Cardio Development: take an online fitness course to inspire you in your lifelong journey of health
  • Hermeneutics: refresh and revitalize your personal Bible study with a study of Biblical interpretation
  • History of the Christian Church I & II: challenge yourself with this fascinating study of Christian history
  • Personal Spirituality and Faith: energize and renew your personal walk with God in this guided study
  • Small Business Management: learn to promote and manage a consulting business or other business ventures in your retirement

Browse all Andrews Online courses and programs for an overview.  Or explore the undergraduate course categories to inspire your online learning adventure:


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