Life Sciences Distance Courses

These Life Sciences courses are offered for credit by Andrews University, Oakwood University, and Washington Adventist University. Andrews University manages the registration and provides the instruction and support for students. 

Andrews University Credit

FDNT 230V-901
(3 sem hours)
A study of the basic principles of nutrition science, the biochemical functions of various nutrients, the changes in physiological needs with age, and the relationship between nutrition and health. Students needing life science general education credit must also register for the lab, FDNT240.
Format: Interactive Online, Self-paced Online

FDNT 310V-901
(3 sem hours)
Study of the nutritional needs of the healthy person throughout the life cycle. The influence of socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological factors on food and nutritional behavior.
Prerequisites: FDNT230
Format: Self Paced Online

Oakwood University Credit

BI 430-911
Philosophy of Science
(2 sem hours)
A careful, critical study and discussionof both biblical and scientific evidence on origins. Particular emphasis will be given to rational, philosophical, and theological insights as a basis for arriving at a comprehensive understanding of the origins of all things.
Prerequisite: BI 132 and senior standing or permission of the instructor
Format: Self-paced Online


Washington Adventist University Credit

BIOL 425-921
Life Origins and Speciation
 (2 sem hours)
A study of the evidences supporting a creation origin of the earth. The approach is scientific rather than Biblical.
Format: Self-paced Online

NUTR 260-921
Nutrition (3 sem hours)

A course designed not only to provide an introduction to the relationship between nutrition and good health, but also to explore the basic medical and chemical aspects of nutrition.
Format: Self-paced Online

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