Music Distance Courses

These Music courses are offered for credit by Andrews University, Oakwood University, and Washington Adventist University. Andrews University manages the registration and provides the instruction and support for students. 

Andrews University Credit

MUHL 214-901
Enjoyment of Music
(3 sem hours)
An opportunity to acquire a better appreciation of classical music —to discover how church music, folk songs, jazz, spirituals, gospel, rock and roll, and pop music fit into the broad spectrum of classical music from 1000 A.D. to the present day.
Format: Self-paced Online                                                              

Oakwood University Credit

MU 200-911
Music Appreciation
(3 sem hours)
An introduction to the music of the Western world from the Middle Ages to the present time. Consideration is given to the various political, social, and religious factors that have caused changes in musical style from one art period to another. Representative compositions from each art period will be studied. Out-of-class listening and concert and recital attendance are also a part of class activities.
Format: Self-paced Online                                                                  


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