Physical Sciences Distance Courses

These Physics courses are offered for credit by Andrews University, Oakwood University, and Washington Adventist University. Andrews University manages the registration and provides the instruction and support for students. 

Andrews University Credit

PHYS 110V-999
(3 sem hours)
Prerequisite: MPE P2 or MATH145 or 166 or STAT285 or equivalent. 
Exploring the cosmic environment—the solar system, stars and their development, star clusters, the interstellar medium, galaxies, and large-scale features of the Universe. Includes a distance laboratory component and meets the Andrews General Education Physical Science requirement. Does not apply to a major or minor. The distance equivalent of 3 lectures, 1 recitation, and a 2-hour lab per week. 
Format: Self-paced Online

Oakwood University Credit

PH 101-911
The Physical Sciences
(3 sem hours)
Prerequisite: MA 101
This course introduces the general principle of physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy. Topics include measurements, motion, Newton’s laws of motion, momentum, energy, work, power, heat, thermodynamics, waves, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, periodic law, chemical principles, chemical reactions, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and some topics in geology and astronomy.
Format: Self-paced Online

Washington University Credit

PHYS 150-921
Descriptive Astronomy
(4 sem hours)
Prerequisite: 30th percentile on ACT mathematics, high school Algebra Il, or placement test
A non-quantitative course designed especially for the liberal arts student. A look at how our view of the universe has developed and what that current view is. Topics include solar systems and their components, galaxies (compositions and types), and life cycles of stars. One fourhour lecture-laboratory per week and at least one observational field experience.
Format: Self-paced Online

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