BA/BS in General Studies

The General Studies Bachelor of Arts/Science degree is designed to serve students seeking to complete a degree for personal or professional goals.

Learn more and do more for God by attending Andrews University online while continuing your commitments to your family and career.  Finish one or two courses at a time, at your own pace, any time of the day, anywhere - online.

Degree Requirements

This program requires at least 124 semester credits or hours including:

  1. A minimum of 30 hours of 300 or 400-level courses
  2. For the BA: an individualized focus area includes a minimum of 33 credits in the selected emphasis, of which at least 11 credits are 300- or 400-level courses, and at least 11 credits are completed through Andrews University.  
    For the BS: an individualized focus area includes a minimum of 39 credits in the selected emphasis, of which at least 13 credits are 300- or 400-level courses, and at least 13 credits are earned through Andrews University.  
  3. At least 30 credit hours are earned through Andrews University
  4. The overall GPA for all courses (including transfer credits) must be 2.0 or higher
  5. The GPA for all focus-area courses must be at least 2.25
  6. No course with a grade below C- may count toward the focus area
  7. Meet all of the general education requirements for a Bachelor's degree
  8. Electives to fill the balance of 124 semester credits

See also: 2015-2016 Bulletin Degree Requirements.

General Education Requirements
Transfer credits accepted from accredited institutions.  


Religion: RELT 100, RELB 210, RELT 250, RELT 340 or equivalent 12
Communication: COMM 104, ENGL 115, ENGL 215 9
Intermediate Language: required for BA degree only 4
History: HIST 117, HIST 118 6
Fine Arts & Humanities: ENGL 375/6, MUHL 214 or equivalent 6
Life & Physical Sciences: FDNT 230, PHYS 110 or equivalent 8
Mathematics: MATH 165 3-4
Service: BHSC 300 2
Social Sciences: PSYC 101, SOCI 119,  BHSC 220 or equivalent 6
Fitness Education: HLED 120, FTES 238, two other PE courses for 1 credit each 6

*Up to 30% of total credits can be earned through prior college-level learning

See 2014-2015 Bulletin - GE Requirements

Getting Started

  1. Apply online
  2. Activate Andrews account to check admission status and communicate with advisors
  3. Make financial plans, consulting your financial advisor, family, and employer
  4. Consult academic advisor to select classes & register
  5. Buy texts and study online
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