Course Tune Up Workshop

The Course Tune Up is designed as a work session focusing on three areas: a needs assessment of your course, alignment of goals and learning activities, increasing interaction and engagement, with LearningHub enhancements integrated throughout the day. The workshop supports online, blended, and face-to-face support. We invite you to attend regularly! Work on a different area of your course each time you come!

Course Tune Up Format

Each area is addressed using this format: 

  • short presentation (15-30 minutes)
  • silent think time
  • table or pair sharing time
  • work time (30-60 minutes)

DLiT staff and student support for LearningHub and online course development are available for short individualized support during the work times. 

The course tune up workshop is offered in May and August annually. Spend a day with us, continental breakfast and lunch included.

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  • Sample Handbook from August 2015 (the handbook is similar each year overall; learning activities and technologies shared change each offering to allow for repeat attendance)

Questions? contact Janine Lim at