SDEIP Online Exam Services

Why Exam Standards Matter

  • We value, and HLC requires, student identity verification and academic integrity validation.
  • Quality of service and expectations should be consistent across schools, campuses, and instructors. 
  • The quality of assessment is foundational to achieving teaching and learning outcomes.

Communicating Exam Standards to Students

1. Include information about each type of assessment in the syllabus. If you require online proctoring, include technical requirements (internet, audio, video) that may incur costs not included in tuition and fees.  If exams must be taken at a testing center, note who will be responsible for any proctoring service fees.

2. Include a link to the exam request form within the module that is scheduled 2 weeks prior to the exam date.  Include this link for more information:  

3. A reminder email from the instructor 2 weeks prior to each exam deadline increases quality of service & student achievement.

4. Build in a reminder and a convenient link to the exam request form again in the exam week. Include (or rather link to) a copy of information from the syllabus explaining the exam format and what to review.

5. Exams must be released at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date.  Confirming and communicating with proctors takes time.

6. Exams need to be open 3 to 7 days to accommodate working adults' schedules, time zones and the Sabbath. Setting an exam for just a few hours makes more work for the testing team, instructor, and greater stress and dissatisfaction with students, especially in other time zones and with any learninghub or student technical hitches. Randomizing 60% or more of items on the test/exam will protect the integrity of the exam.

7. Instructors need to be accessible after regular business hours during exam periods, considering that most online students must schedule exams in after-work hours.  A cell phone number to text or call is ideal.