GIA North American School Services

As a leader in K-12 Adventist distance education, Griggs International Academy (GIA) offers the following services to Seventh-day Adventist churches and schools in the North American Division.

Free Period or Recovery Courses

Students can fill gaps or enrich your school's program by enrolling directly in one or more GIA courses.  
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The Elementary Alternative Programs for Learning Enrichment (APLE K-8) is a collaboration between GIA, the local church or school, and the local conference office of education to provide a Christian education for children who are unable to attend a traditional Seventh-day Adventist school. Churches with small groups of school-age children (usually from 4-8 children) or small schools unable to hire additional teachers may offer a complete elementary program using daily lesson plans prepared by Griggs's experienced teachers in a facility provided by the church or school.
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APLE High School

The High School Alternative Programs for Learning Enrichment  (APLE 9-12) was developed cooperatively by the North American Division and GIA to meet the needs of elementary schools and junior academies who have students unwilling to go to a boarding academy hundreds of miles away. By enrolling for APLE High School, such schools are able to use a combination of Griggs and local school resources to offer Grades 9-12 to students who might otherwise enter the public school system.

A senior academy may also use APLE High School to extend its course offerings through the addition of a Griggs course. For example, a number of senior academies have used APLE High School to add foreign language courses. On occasion, and with approval from both conference and union, schools may offer a complete high school program using APLE High School. Students of such schools receive Maryland state-approved Griggs diplomas. APLE High School may be viewed as an interim solution for a school wishing to permanently expand its program.
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Andrews University Credit for High School Students

Advanced high school or academy students can register for approved Andrews University courses at a low tuition rate. The PreCollege website includes resources for parents and school counselors preparing students for post-secondary study and work.  
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