Courses for Public Campus Students

Technology makes taking classes on more than one campus simultaneously a great way to personalize your study path. Most Christian students completing degrees through secular universities have electives that can be transferred in.

  • Add courses that reflect a Christian worldview, and create space for you to integrate faith in academic learning
  • Strengthen your preparation to serve God through your vocation by experiencing courses from a variety of perspectives
  • Build friendships with other Christians through attending online classes together - from anywhere in the world.

Available for Andrews University, Oakwood University or Washington Adventist University credit:

Andrews University credit only:

Oakwood University & Washington Adventist University credit:

  • Review your choice of classes with your academic advisor to know how they will transfer.  It is your responsibility to check this prior to registering.
  • Financial aid may be possible if your university (in USA) does Consortium agreements.  Ask your financial advisor about options and the process, if needed.