Courses for Public Campus Students

Technology makes taking classes on more than one campus simultaneously a great way to personalize your study path. Did you know that  credit from accredited Adventist Universities can be transferred to meet general education or elective requirements in your program of study at other universities?

  • Add courses that reflect a Christian worldview and help you think deeply about connections between faith, learning, and living 
  • Strengthen your preparation to serve God through your vocation by experiencing courses from a variety of perspectives
  • Build friendships with other Christians through attending online classes together - from anywhere in the world.

Available for Andrews University, Oakwood University or Washington Adventist University credit:

Andrews University credit only:

Oakwood University & Washington Adventist University credit:

  • Review your choice of classes with your academic advisor to know how they will transfer.  It is your responsibility to check this prior to registering.
  • Financial aid may be possible if your university (in USA) does Consortium agreements.  Ask your financial advisor about options and the process, if needed.
For Andrews University classes:

For Washington Adventist or Oakwood University classes,
use the Consortium Registration Packet