Ready for Online Study?

Andrews Online offers accredited, accessible, and affordable courses in a growing number of undergraduate and graduate programs of study. Wondering whether this flexible form of Christian education will work for you?  Consider these questions and answers before proceeding to apply online.

Video tutorial: How to Apply to an Undergrad Program

Taking an honest and comprehensive inventory of your skills is the best place to start.
  • Do you have reliable Internet access at home?
  • Can you commit a regular, weekly block of time to the course?
  • Are you comfortable with email and searching the Internet?
  • Are you "self-motivated" in your learning? Do you manage time well?

Check if you're ready to succeed in online learning now.

No. Most students who have taken an online class will tell you that most online classes are more difficult than face-to-face classes, chiefly because you need to take personal responsibility for your own progress.  You need be self-motivated and self-disciplined to succeed in an online class.  There is also a fair amount of writing involved in an online class.  Online classes are not for everyone.

Self-paced courses allow the greatest flexibility in studies. This can be a blessing when working around specific personal scheduling constraints.  But this freedom requires great commitment to personal study plans.  A series of emails will be sent at critical decision points through the 180 days from start to end.  Be sure you check your Andrews email several times a week and read these messages carefully.  Heeded, they can greatly increase the chances of successfully completing this course! 

Once registered,

  • Students log in to to interact with a variety of learning activities in each course space.
  • Students purchase textbooks (some ebooks, some print) but many supplementary learning materials are accessed online (videos, audio, articles, images, etc.).  
  • Assignments are turned in online.
  • Most courses do include one or more exams online that must be completed in the presence of an approved proctor.

Tour a sample undergraduate online course. Orientation tutorial videos provide more information.

Online courses are offering in three delivery modes.  Consider the differences for each section number before registering.

Please review the minimum tech requirements, including hardware, software, browser, internet, student skill requirements, and caption accessibility settings, to successfully study online.

One or more exams are included in most online classes. See the course syllabus for details. When online exams must be supervised by a proctor, the student is responsible for arranging for an approved proctor.

See more information about acceptable proctors, the length of an exam and other exam questions.

After meeting with both your academic and financial advisor (using email, phone or video conference), and completing online orientation, if you need assistance with Registration Central online:

Undergraduate students, email or call (269) 471-6323. 
Graduate students, email or call (269) 471-6321.

If you are completing an Andrews degree:

  • Check with your academic advisor that this class meets degree requirements, and that you have the skills to succeed.
  • Carefully consider the impact of adding a distance course to your financial plan.  Work with your financial advisor.
  • Your advisor information is available through your IVUE (academic advisor) or FINVUE (financial advsiro) webpages.

Students need to review Andrews University State Authorizations before registering for classes. Do not register if your state is not included in the authorized list.  Check each time you plan to register, as regulations may change at any time.

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