Learning Remotely

Main campus students, use these Andrews University student services, frequently updated, to thrive as you learn remotely. Resources and deadlines for spring 2020 students who were not taking classes face-to-face in Berrien Springs remain unchanged.

  1. If internet is not available or bandwidth insufficient for your family's new needs, several internet providers are offering free internet access for students.
  2. Log in to AU Learninghub. Click into your class(es) on the dashboard. (Need a guide to learninghub? or how to join zoom from your phone?) Check your device meets tech requirements to study online. (Talk with instructors right away if not).  Showing up to every class is the first step to success.
  3. Communicate with teachers. Read emails and other messaging daily, then respond promptly. Ask for help when you need it. Everyone is eager to help you succeed. Open and proactive communication will help students and teachers alike, as we navigate changes in teaching and learning remotely.
  4. Create a dedicated study space which you can organize and routinely use.  Ask family to respect your study times, turn off phone and social networks to eliminate distractions.
  5. Make and stick to a schedule. As you figure out how to study remotely, with one less week of classes, you will need more hours to complete studies than you did on campus.  
  6. Use time management techniques. With more flexibility comes more responsibility; self-motivation beats procrastination. Watch this video to learn how to identify time wasters, to do one thing at a time, and to break large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  7. Connect with others. Physical distancing yes, but social solidarity is key to living fully even in a pandemic. Participate in online discussions. Invite classmates to a group study session using a free Zoom or other video conferencing tool. Worship together with family. Reach out to others in need  (calls, video chat, errands for elderly, etc.). Join in new opportunities Andrews provides (see below & emails).

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