Prior Service Learning

The third component of the Andrews University’s mission statement (Seek knowledge. Affirm faith. Change the world.) focuses on Service Learning. This reflects the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education, committed to preparing students for a life of unselfish service in response to a deepening relationship with Christ. Beyond understanding key concepts and constructs of knowledge, integrative understanding and critical thinking comes through application of learning in real-world situations. Service learning also cultivates civic responsibility and community action, promotes cooperation and teamwork, and builds character.

Anytime before filing your graduation application. The BHSC 300V 901 will be available through the AU Course Schedule from Spring 2014.

Transfer students who have voluntarily served their community and church in the past 2 years may petition the general education requirement to complete a service learning course (BHSC 100 or 300). Download the Service Learning Record and review the BHSC 300V Syllabus. Reflect your understanding of the Christian foundations for service learning in your essay. Adult distance students may email the completed Service Record along with your reflective essay to to petition and waive this requirement.