How to Find Textbooks

Textbooks for all Andrews University courses are listed in the official Andrews Bookstore.  As we offer both open learning or self-paced and term-based courses, take note of the term options in these steps.

  1. Find course materials st the Andrews Bookstore
  2. On the TEXTBOOKS tab, select FIND TEXTBOOKS 02

  3. Under TERM, select the option that best fits the type of course you’ve enrolled in. This chart may help:

    Term Option Course Section numbers
    2016 Open Learning 901, 902 – all self-paced courses
    Fall 2016 Online 999, 998, 997, 996, 995 – interactive online courses
    Fall 2016 On Campus 001, 002, 003, 004 -


  4. To find textbooks for RELT 100 902 God & Human Life:
    • Select the term: 2016 OPEN LEARNING

    • Select department: RELT

    • Select course number: 100

    • Select section: 902
    • Review the textbooks listed. If you shop elsewhere, note the ISBN and year of publication as well as the title; match all exactly to ensure you get the right book. Purchase all required textbooks. Consider online options or libraries for recommended books.

  • Renting is more expensive than buying a used textbook and reselling it after use.
  • Rental requires return at the end of term, with penalties for later return. Be careful!

  • Purchase the textbooks with your own credit/debit card.
  • Send the receipt to your financial advisor to request reimbursement.
  • Use the online contact information in the footer on the right to get help as needed.