Student Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a student?

1. Check that this course will be approved credit toward your degree plan. If you haven’t already, please review your registration with your academic advisor now.
2. Ensure that you have reliable computer and internet access for the duration of your course(s). Review technical requirements here.
3. Purchase the study materials required to complete each course.  Email
4. Access your Andrews email several times a week, and keep your contact information updated.
5. Schedule regular study and meet all course requirements before your deadlines.
6. Follow directions in your course to hand in work, arrange exams, get help, and request transcripts. Contact your instructor (find contact info in course space) if you need help.
7. Academic integrity is expected of all students. See the AU Bulletin - Academic Integrity section for more information.


In an online classroom, our primary means of communication is written. The written language has many advantages: more opportunity for reasoned thought, more ability to go in-depth, and more time to think through an issue before posting a comment. However, written communication also has certain disadvantages, such as a lack of the face-to-face signaling that occurs through body language, intonation, pausing, facial expressions, and gestures.  As a result, please be aware of the possibility of miscommunication and compose your comments in a positive, supportive, and constructive manner.  Also, please carefully edit your writing on anything you post, or submit to me.  Professional, academic writing requires editing.  Run spell checker to help you detect any changes you may need to make.  Carefully constructed complete sentences and meaningful paragraphs are expected; abbreviated phrases are appropriate for texting, not course assignments.

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