Textbook Information

Textbooks and any other supplies required for a course of study are listed in the course syllabus.  Access the syllabus through your course space (through learninghub.andrews.edu) or the course schedule.  Online courses are also listed through the Virtual Bookstore.  You may purchase textbooks through other sources, but be sure to get the exact version, checking ISBN, author, title, publisher, and year of publication.  Success in studies requires access to the learning materials from the start, so order in time to have the texts needed by the first day of class.

How to Order Textbooks 

1. Go to the Andrews University Virtual Bookstore

2. Click Order Your Books

3. Choose your payment method.  Most students will click Continue below the Pay with Credit Card or PayPal option on the left. Andrew’s degree students with financial aid arranged for book purchase may click Continue below the Institution’s Voucher option on the right.










4. Check the box beside courses you have registered for, then click Continue.

5. Now you can 1) Show Details about each textbook, 2) select Used or New (or click NO if you don’t want to purchase this item) then 3) click Add Items & View Cart.

6. Scroll down to carefully review items in your cart.  Remove any duplicates or unwanted items by clicking the minus button to the right of the price.  Then click Proceed to Checkout.

7. A window will now pop up asking you to sign in to your bookstore account.  If this is the first time you are purchasing from this bookstore, click I dont have an account and set one up first.  Then enter your email to sign in.  Save your password so you can enter your account to review the status of any orders in future.

8. Once signed in, follow directions to complete your purchase.  If you are paying directly, credit and debit card or paypal options are available; if you logged in under "institutional voucher," note the amount to compare with your Andrews statement or account where this purchase will be billed against your financial aid agreement. 

If you have any questions about your order or how to order, or experience problems, please contact the bookstore support team via email, phone, or online chat.  


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