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How to upload and edit a video assignment for students
Last Updated 2 years ago

To upload a prerecorded video into an assignment in LearningHub:
  1. click on the assignment
  2. click on Add submission
  3. click on first icon (to Show/hide advanced buttons)
  4. click on Panopto icon
  5. click on Upload
  6. Make sure the course and assignment is listed in the file area
  7. drag and drop into the grey box, or click on play arrow and browse in your computer for the file
  8. click on the .mp4 (video file)
  9. click on Open
  10. the file will upload
  11. when the Insert button show up, click on Insert
  12. the screen will refresh
  13. click on Save changes
  14. click on Submit assignment to complete the submission
  15. click Continue
  16. a thumbnail of the recording will show to indicate that the video has uploaded complete and it is ready to take submissions.
the web link for these instructions is at: Quick Start Guide for video upload.pdf

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