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How to run a document through Turnitin before submitting it in an assignment
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If you want to do a Turnitin check before you submit it in the assignment you can use the Turnitin Draft Coach:


  • The document needs to be a Google doc. If it is a word doc, save it into the Google folder and do a save as a Google Doc.
  • Three (3) submissions per document allowed
  • It is not saved in Turnitin and will not show up when it is put into an assignment with Turnitin

How to:

  • Open the Google Documentimage
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on Turnitin Draft Coach, it will open up
  • Click on the Turnitin Draft Coach

  • The first time this is done you will need to accept the Agreement and “Conditions

    • Click in the circle to the left of “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”

  • Click Continue to Draft Coach
  • You can now choose to run a

    • Similarity check - shows how much of the paper is similar to content on the web as well as the Turnitin paper repository and other library sources
    • Citations check - will show if there are any issues with the citations and reference page.
    • Grammar check - will point out grammatical errors
  • To do a check, just click on “Go to..” for each check you would like to do
  • Click “Run…”

  • The check notice will pop up letting you know how many checks you have left on the specific document.
  • Click Confirm to continue

  • The Similarity report will show the percentage that the document is the same as other items.image


  • Sample of a Citation Report (below left)
  • Sample of a Grammar Report (below right)


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