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University Workshops

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DATE/TIMEFebruary 4, 2014 11:30am-12:20pm
Location Various
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EngageWell Workshop
Celebrating Black History Month
“Service Un-Requited: African American Civil War Soldiers and their Fight for Freedom and Pension Compensation” by Cliff Allen (Senior, History major)
Buller Hall 149

EatWell Workshop
"The Healthy Perspective of a Gardener" by Garth Woodruff
Buller Hall, Room 207

FeelWell Workshop
"Healthy Relationships: How to Make them Thrive"
Buller Hall, Room 208

ThinkWell Workshop
"Don’t Forget" by Carletta Witzel
Tools to help you remember your class content.
Buller Hall, Room 250

WorkWell Workshop
"Advanced Connections for Student Employees"
Administration Building, Room 307

Andrews University is dedicated to providing excellent service to all the individuals that interact on its campus, whether they be students, parents, venders, faculty, or staff.  Advanced Connections was developed with the intent of improving the quality of care and service provided to internal and external customers of an educational institution.  Here at Andrews we recognize that a significant portion of our workforce are student workers, and many of these students are on the “frontlines,” providing customer service to many on campus.  In an effort to improve our culture of service, we are offering the Advanced Connections training to our student employees, in a 6-part certification cycle.  To register, please contact  

WorkWell Workshop
"Sharpening Your Interviewing Skills"
Buller Hall, Room 251

TrustWell Workshop
Religion Department Workshop
Newbold Auditorium, Buller Hall

LeadWell Workshop
"Time Management: Habits for Success in 2014"
Leadership Lab, Campus Center

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