How it Works

The idea of exploring your academic options sounds great, but you’re probably wondering how it all works!

In simple terms, the Explore Andrews Program is about relationships. If you choose to take part in this program, it’s about relationships with your own academic advisor, our teachers and other support staff. Below are highlights of a few key areas the program focuses on.

Strategic Advising

One-on-one academic advising is critical in making sure a student takes the right courses. Within the Explore Andrews Program we use an approach of strategic advising to ensure that students take specific, broad interest courses that will help expose them to multiple options while also making sure that each student is making progress towards timely graduation.

Academic Curriculum

Students in the Explore Andrews Program can take specialized courses that will integrate well with all academic majors at Andrews University. Each of these courses is designed to help clarify major and career choices based on a student’s abilities, while also helping each student more fully understand one’s own life calling and personal strengths. Here are two examples of the types of courses students have to choose from.

Strengths-based College Experience (1–2 credits)

This course will use a strengths-based framework to focus on strategies that assist students in making a successful transition to college life at Andrews University. It will develop the habits of thinking and learning necessary in a complex and multicultural world and heighten engagement in all facets of campus life.

Exploration of Life Calling (1–2 credits)
This course explores and develops the student’s understanding of their life purpose and calling. This understanding will serve as the context for making decisions and gaining direction for their lives.

Co-curricular Programming and Value Added Experiences

One thing each student discovers at Andrews University is that learning does not stop in the classroom. The same will be true with the Explore Andrews Program, where you’ll find that daily opportunities to interact with your fellow students build on your classroom experiences. These opportunities will help expose you to not just different career and major choices, but also to different perspectives, cultures and ideas while exploring your faith—faith in God and His calling for each one of us.

You’ll discover that these opportunities within and outside of classroom study are truly unique to Andrews University, and they offer you a distinctive advantage as you prepare for your life and career goals.