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Federal Loans

Applying for and receiving Federal Direct Loans  (Call Toll-Free 1.800.848.0979)

Once you have filed your FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid), your eligibility for Federal Direct student/parent loans will be determined. Your financial aid award letter will state your eligibility amounts. If you decide that you wish to take part in the Federal Direct loan program, there are 3 simple steps to complete. You will want to have your award handy to refer to as you begin the process of applying for loans. The steps for all Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent loan, and Perkins) are the same. However, the Perkins loans do have separate request forms (PDF only) and promissory notes, so take special care to complete the correct form for your particular loan.

Step 1: Request your loans onlne at studentloans.govChoose from:

  • Student Direct Loans
  • Graduate Student PLUS Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans

If you do not have access to the internet, you can submit request forms for the above loans.  Please allow for extra processing time as this option is slower than online.  Please read the forms carefully and fill in all necessary blanks.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.   Select from the following fillable PDF forms.  Student Direct Loan Request Form (PDF) Perkins Loan Request Form (PDF), Parent Loan (PLUS) Request Form (PDF) Graduate Student PLUS Form (PDF)

Step 2:  Federal Direct Loan Entrance/Exit Counseling
Step 2:  Perkins Loan Entrance/Exit Counseling
Step 2:  Graduate PLUS Loan Entrance/Exit Counseling
Simply visit the Loan Entrance Counseling website and answer a few simple questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  Once completed, the results will be electronically sent to our department.  Typically, these results take 24 hours to reach us.  Please allow sufficient processing time.  This step will only need to be completed once during your time at Andrews.

Step 3:  Sign Master Promissory Note & Sign Perkins Promissory Note
This is the electronic equivalent of 'endorsing' your loan. Without a master promissory note on file, your loan application is incomplete and you cannot count this loan as accepted aid and your loan will not disburse. As with the loan entrance counseling, this step will only need to be completed one time for each type of loan (Sub, Unsub, Parent, and/or Perkins).   To sign, simply click on the embedded link found above.

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