Andrews International Transfer Partnership

The Andrews International Transfer Partnership (AITP) provides students who are not US residents studying at institutions located outside the USA and accredited by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA) with greater access to Andrews University programs of study.  Students approved in their first year of study benefit most from partnership in advising, Andrews discounted tuition upon arrival on campus, and the shortest path to degree completion.

The following terms and conditions define the Andrews International Transfer Partnership:

1. To build capacity at Adventist universities and tertiary-level colleges internationally.
2. To enable qualifying students to continue their education in an Adventist institution when their programs of study are not offered at their current institution.
3. To increase access to Andrews University programs through earlier advising and tuition discount.
4. To build Andrews University programs where upper division class numbers are low.
Universities or tertiary-level colleges accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) may begin the process of joining the Adventist International Transfer Partnership by following these steps:
1. Appoint a liaison for the program on the institution's campus. This person is called the AITP Administrator.
2. Apply to join the Andrews International Transfer Partnership.
3. Market the Andrews International Transfer Partnership to current and future students.
4. The affiliations director and partner campus academic advisors will assist interested students through the online undergraduate application, and take the steps needed for successful transfer and enrollment.

Undergraduate Transfer Partnerships

Andrews University has a number of international partnerships which offer special scholarships or tuition rates. If your school is listed below, see here for more information.

  • Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand
  • Hong Kong Adventist College
  • Middle East University, Lebanon
  • Newbold College, United Kingdom
  • Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea
  • Saniku Gakuin College, Japan
  • Universidad Peruana Unión, Lima
  • University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya
  • Valley View University, Ghana

*See also: Andrews University Off-campus Programs


Looking for Graduate Programs?

Andrews University has a wide array of graduation tuition rates, discounts and scholarships. For specific information, contact the program where you will receive your graduate degree. Click here to view our graduate degrees