Services for Main Campus

Faculty and staff employed through Global Campus and International Partnerships directly assist other campus schools and administrative offices in a range of services. Key services are listed here.

LearningHub is Andrews University's learning management system, powered by Moodle. Students are able to interact with the coursework online by taking exams, submiting assignments, and have online discussions. It incorporates Turnitin, a software that allows the instructors to see exactly the sources students are using and evaluate the sources themselves.

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DLiT provides a wide variety of resources, tutorials, and guides for various online learning, technology-enhanced teaching, and learning supports.  

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The Department of Digital Learning and Instructional Technology provides coordination and review for online program and course development, as well as technical support, instructional design advice and training, and materials design and conversion for course development for main campus, online campus, and off campus courses.
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Up to 30% of undergraduate program requirements and 6 credits for graduate program requirements may be earned through prior college-level learning, recognizing personal and professional development outside fo formal education settings. 

The Office of Compliance provides research, advice, and assistance in the development of new out-of-state and foreign programs, including the creation of new agreements with other institutions.

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The exam team is always available to ensure that all the students experience the best support as they prepare and do exams.

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Qualifying students can enrich their high school education with an early college experience, taking Andrews University classes online, on campus, on their campus, or in summer intensive adventures.  Beyond taking academic classes, Andrews offers an array of learning adventures and educational services, through various departments, from day events through year-round child care.

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