Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the GPA requirement for applying at Andrews?
    • Most Masters degrees and certificates require a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.60 (or 2.75 on the last half of undergraduate courses). Exceptions are listed in the program information for each degree. Doctoral degrees have a minimum graduate GPA between 3.00 and 3.60 depending on the program. The entire student profile is considered during the admissions process. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements may apply.
  • How long does the admission process take?
    • Once we receive all your documents in the Graduate Studies office, your file goes to the academic department. Their decisions are usually processed within two to four weeks. If you have concerns about your application, you may contact the department directly or email us at
  • Now that I’ve applied, what do I do next?
    • Complete the additional forms provided at the end of the online application. It is wise to request your official transcripts right away, since they may take some time.
  • To what address should my transcripts be sent?
    • Andrews University
      Graduate Enrollment Management
      4150 Administration Dr.
      Berrien Springs, MI  49104-0620
  • Are documents accepted by email, fax or mail?
    • All documents may be emailed to or faxed to (269) 471.6246. Unofficial transcripts can be emailed and will help to continue the application process; however, official copies are expected later to fulfill this requirement. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the school by another school or by an approved credential evaluation agency (WES, AACRAO, ECE).
  • Have I submitted all the items needed for my application?
    • Visit the preVue website to check the status of all your application documents. Allow a few days for the documents to appear on the site. If you have questions, email us at
  • What is the status of my application?
    • Two business days after you apply you may track your admission progress online using your preVue account.
  • What is preVue?
    • PreVue is our online system that allows you to track your admission progress. Access your preVue account
  • What do I do if a document I sent a long time ago does not appear on preVue?
    • If it has been more than seven business days since your document was sent, please notify us by email at
  • Will my admission be delayed until my official transcripts arrive?
    • Your application can be processed based on unofficial transcripts, but official transcripts must arrive before you can register for classes. (The Masters in Pastoral Ministry requires official transcripts before processing applications.)
  • Why do you require a copy of my bachelor's diploma?
    • Copies of your bachelor’s degree diploma are required to verify the date of graduation when necessary. If you have a transcript evaluation performed by an approved credential evaluation agency (WESAACRAOECE) including the graduation date you will not need it a copy. If your transcript shows the date you will not need a copy either.
  • When do I need a copy of my diploma?
    • You do not need a copy of your diploma if you have a transcript evaluation performed by an approved credential evaluation agency (WES, AACRAO, ECE) including the graduation date or if your transcript shows the date of graduation. 
  • Do you accept transcript evaluations done by a third party?
    • Yes, only from WESAACRAO, and ECE. Only detailed evaluations are accepted; that is including overall GPA and a list of each course with an equivalent U.S. grade.
  • How much does it cost to apply?
    • All applications cost $30. If an online application is available and you choose to apply on paper, the cost will be $40.
  • How do I pay for my application fee?
    • If you apply online you can pay online with a debit or credit card or over the phone (269.471.6321). If you apply on paper you can pay over the phone (269.471.6321), send a money order or check along with your application.
  • I already have a Master’s degree and would like to do another Master’s. Do I need the GRE?
    • Even though you have previously earned a Master’s degree, you may still be required to submit GRE scores. If the GPA from your Master’s degree is below 3.00 you will have to take the GRE exam. If it is higher than 3.00, then most likely you will not have to take it. We assume you need the GRE until we perform a transcript evaluation. For further questions email
  • I already have a Doctoral degree and would like to do another Doctoral degree. Do I need the GRE?
    • Yes, you must submit the GRE.
  • Do you accept late applications? I missed the deadline.
    • You may still apply for most programs, but will be charged a $70 fee. The MArch, PhD in Religion, and DPT programs do not accept late applications; you’ll have to apply for the following semester. International students who miss the deadline should apply for the following semester since the process takes about two months.
  • Where do I apply?
  • May I request a paper application if I’m having trouble applying online?
    • We strongly encourage you to apply online. If you do not have internet access or the application is not loading, please contact us at
  • Who should I get to submit recommendations for me?
    • Ask someone who knows you professionally or academically such as advisors, major professors, and employers. If your program requires specific recommendations, the application will specify that for you.
  • When can I visit campus?
    • You are welcome to visit all year round. We ask you to schedule your visit online at least two weeks in advance. We will provide lodging for two nights and food for two days. We will also give you a tour of campus and make appointments for you.
  • Where can I take the GRE?
    • The GRE exam is offered world-wide. Locate your nearest test site at
  • Where can I take the GMAT?
    • The GMAT exam is offered world-wide. Locate your nearest test site at
  • Where can I take the TOEFL?
    • The TOEFL exam is offered world-wide. Locate your nearest test site at


  • How much is tuition at Andrews?
    • The tuition cost per credit is $887 at the master’s level and $945 at the doctoral level. A full-time course load is a minimum of 8 credits per semester. For more information about finances, view the Graduate Finances page and visit the Student Financial Services website.
  • Are any scholarships offered?
    • Yes, students applying for master’s programs that require the GRE or GMAT may qualify for a tuition-discount scholarship. Visit the Entrance Exams page to learn more.
  • Do I have to have financial clearance if I am being sponsored?
    • Yes. Go online to Registration Central to set up your payment plan and complete financial clearance.
  • What is the Estimated Budget Form?
    • The Estimated Budget Form is a record of your anticipated expenses and a declaration of your financial resources to cover your costs. International students are required to submit this form to obtain and I-20 before applying for a visa. Please contact the international finance specialist at if you have questions. Download Estimated Budget Form PDF


  • I want to come to Andrews University but I don’t know which program to choose.
    • You may review the programs we offer to learn more about each degree. To discuss your options and questions, please email
  • What is an academic advisor?
    • Your academic advisor is the person from your department who helps you choose what classes to take as you plan to complete your degree.

International Students

  • What is an I-20 form and how do I get one?
    • The I-20 is an immigration form issued by Andrews University that allows you to set up an appointment with your local American embassy in order to request a student visa. Follow these steps to obtain an I-20 form: Obtain your academic acceptance, pay the $2,000 international student deposit (not required for Mexico and Canada), and submit the Estimated Budget Form showing evidence of financial resources for one academic year. Payment in advance to cover one semester is required for citizens of Kenya and Ethiopia. The Office of International Student Services mails the I-20 form (via DHL).
  • How do I get a student visa?
    • Before applying for a visa, students must have an I-20 form issued by Andrews University. The Office of International Student Services mails the I-20 form (via DHL). Once you have the I-20, you may make an appointment at your local American embassy where the visa may be granted.
  • Can I switch from a tourist visa (B1/B2) to a student visa (F1)?
    • It may be possible to change your visa status. Please email International Student Services at or call 269-471-3310 for assistance with your individual case.
  • Can I be accepted before my TOEFL scores are in?
    • Provisional acceptance may be granted at the discretion of the department. The following programs will not consider applicants without TOEFL scores: MA Communication, MA English, MA Teaching English as a Second Language, MAT English as a Second Language, Master of Divinity, and Master of Business Administration.
  • What do I do if the GRE is not offered in my country?
    • For most programs, you may complete up to one semester without GRE scores, but you may not register for a second semester until your scores are in. If you are applying for a PhD program or for the EdD or EdS in school psychology and have no access to the GRE, please email us at to discuss the options.
  • Can international students work in the U.S.?
    • Students with an F-1 (student) visa may work on campus for 20 hours per week while school is in session, and 40 hours during the summer and holidays. Violation of the regulation may result in deportation and cancellation of your visa.
  • When do I have to submit the $3,000 international student deposit?
    • You are required to submit the deposit once you have been academically accepted, but you may submit it earlier to allow for faster processing once you are accepted. The deposit is refundable if you decide not to attend Andrews.
  • I am covered by the DACA program, can I apply to Andrews University?
    • Students who are covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) are welcome to apply to Andrews University. If you become accepted, you will be required to submit a copy of the application form I797 or a copy of your employment authorization card before registration. DACA students follow the same admission requirements as all other students. If you have questions please email us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • What is the DACA program?
    • The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is a U.S. government initiative that allows immigrants that meet certain conditions to obtain temporary employment. All DACA students are welcome to apply to Andrews University. To learn more go to this link.

Living Here

  • When am I expected to be on campus?
    • Your acceptance letter will indicate when to arrive to campus. Most students are required to be here a couple of days before school starts for orientation, while others may need to be here a week in advance to take placement exams. You may contact your academic advisor if you have questions.
  • Are graduate students required to live on campus?
    • No, graduate students may live on or off campus. You may prefer the convenience of living on campus, especially if you are new to Andrews.
  • What are the on-campus housing options?
    • Graduate students may live in University Towers (Burman Hall for men and Damazo Hall for women) or the University Apartments. For more information please email
  • How do I apply to live in university housing?
  • How do I find a place to live off campus?
    • You may find the Off Campus Housing list helpful—it provides contact information for apartment complexes and landlords in the Berrien Springs area. You may also visit the classifieds section of the Andrews Agenda for information of people looking for roommates or renting property.
  • What is the immunization form?
    • New students use this form to provide a record of the required and recommended immunizations. All students must submit the form, signed by a physician, before registering for classes. For medical questions, you may call the university nurse at 269.473.2222. Download Immunization Form PDF
  • When can I register for classes?
    • Registration for classes takes place on campus with your academic advisor. Some programs do the registration online or by phone. Connect with your academic advisor for details. Make sure you are financially cleared and have submitted your immunization form before class registration. Check preVue to confirm completion of both items.
  • How do I get my ID card?
    • Once you complete financial clearance you can obtain your ID card at the Record Office on the second floor of the administration building.
  • Where do I buy my books?
  • How do I know my schedule?
    • If you know the classes you are taking you can search classes online for times and locations. If you do not know what classes you will be taking, contact your academic advisor.
  • How do I get my student ID number?
    • Every student is issued an identification number during the application process. Find out your ID by going online to the preVue website. You may be given a temporary number starting with the letter G, but as you move through the application process you will receive a six-digit permanent ID.


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