How do I register as an Andrews University Degree Student?

The class registration process varies for different programs. Your academic advisor will have all the information you need to complete this step. Contact information for your advisors is located in your iVue page.

Once you know the classes to register, please go online to Registration Central to register and complete your financial plan (this step is required for sponsored students, too). More information is available on our Student Financial Services website.

You can also learn more by watching the video: How to Register and How to financially clear .

How do I register as an Andrews University Non-Degree/Guest Student?

  1. Apply as a guest student at Andrews University.
  2. Wait for an admission email with instructions and with your ID number.
  3. Activate your Andrews username. Learn more by watching the video: How-to Activate username
  4. Find the course registration number (CRN) for your course in the course schedule .
  5. Go online to Registration Central to register. Under course registration, enter the CRN for each course, or click search to navigate to the course and section preferred. Check the course information displayed is correct. Finally, pay for your course(s), following instructions on screen.
  6. Order textbooks online through the Bookstore or other seller (be careful to match all textbook information, not just ISBN).
  7. Look for an email with information about accessing your course on your selected start date which will display with the course registration on your iVUE page.