Graduate Scholarships and Funding

The School of Graduate Studies is committed to assisting its graduate-level students through a variety of scholarships and funding.

We recognize that the decision to pursue graduate-level studies indicates an important commitment of time and resources. Our scholarship and funding program is designed  to encourage all qualified students to consider applying for admission. While various types of awards funded by the School of Graduate Studies  are discussed below, you can find more specific information about funding opportunities by contacting your Financial Advisor.

The School of Graduate Studies is here to help you to achieve your educational dreams with Andrews University.

Andrews Graduate Scholarship

A tuition-reduction scholarship based on GRE or GMAT scores is available to new master’s and doctoral students. The Graduate Scholarship is available for students in:

  • All on-campus Master programs (except MDiv, MAYYAM & MAPM programs).
  • Professional Doctoral level programs: EDS, EDD, DPT.
  • Doctoral programs PhD, ThD.

The Graduate Scholarship is a tuition reduction percentage and is awarded as follows:

Tuition Reduction * Combined Verbal and
Quantitative GRE Scores
GMAT Score
10% ≥300 ≥500
25% ≥310 ≥550
50% ≥320 ≥600

Applicants will need a minimum Admission GPA of 3.0 in addition to the GRE or GMAT scores listed above to be eligible. 
* Students must maintain the minimum GPA for their program in order to be eligible.

  • The Graduate Scholarship may overlap with another scholarship from an Andrews University budget.
  • The Graduate Scholarship will not be available for programs that already have a discounted tuition below the standard tuition rate.  If the Graduate Scholarship is greater than the discount provided by the specific program, then the difference will be awarded as an additional scholarship.
The scholarship is available for the following number of semesters:
Master’s Level programs 4 Semesters
EDS, EDD, DPT 6 Semesters
PHD, THD 8 Semesters
  • New graduate students who meet the appropriate GRE/GMAT scores are eligible for the Graduate Scholarship. Students are required to take the GRE/GMAT prior to admission and the scholarship will be applied during the first semester. Students who are given permission to take the GRE/GMAT during their first semester (for example the test is only offered on Sabbath or once per year in their home country) and are eligible for the scholarship, will receive the scholarship during their second semester.
  • A new graduate student may take the test multiple times during their first semester for the purpose of increasing their scholarship. In that case, the highest score will count toward the GRE/GMAT scholarship. However, because the GRE/GMAT was taken during their first semester of registration the GRE/GMAT scholarship will be applied in their second semester.
    • For example, if students took the GRE/GMAT multiple times in their first semester of Fall 2014, then the highest GRE/GMAT score will count toward their scholarship for Spring 2015. Fall 2014 will count as one of the semesters of the scholarship.
  • In order to retain the Graduate Scholarship, students are required to maintain the minimum GPA for their program. Students whose GPA falls below the required minimum for their program will permanently forfeit the scholarship. 
  • Scholarship money will not be applied retroactively to any coursework started prior to taking the exam.
  • Students applying and accepted to a second graduate degree, who already had received the Graduate Scholarship, will be eligible to the scholarship for the new program if the GRE/GMAT scores are not older than 5 years.

Additional policies apply. For more information visit the Andrews University Bulletin.

Graduate Funding Per Program

Tuition reduction ** Programs
25% MA Religion
MA Religious Education
33% For the MSW program when part of a dual degree with the seminary
For the MSW program when part of the MSCID/MSW dual degree.
From 25% to 38% MA Youth and Young Adult Ministry
45% MA Communication (includes dual degree)
50% PhD Counseling Psychology
EdS School Psychology
MA School Counseling
MS Special Education
MA Clinical Mental Health
Leadership Certificate
Post-MS Nursing Education Certificate
MPH Nutrition & Wellness
MBA Online
56% DMIN
Flat rate tuition MDIV
Other programs with reduced tuition t-DPT
Graduate Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

** Students must maintain the minimum GPA for their program in order to be eligible.

Federal aid and scholarships

Grants, scholarships, and loans issued by the United States government may be available to students enrolled in an eligible program. More details are available by contacting your graduate financial advisor or on the Student Financial Services website.

  Federal Direct Loans
Federal Direct Loan Grad PLUS
Who may apply? U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens Graduate students
Who is eligible? Students whose needs are not fully met from other aid sources Graduate students
Range of award Up to $10,250 per semester Up to total educational costs less other awarded resources.
How to apply Loan request form Go to
Whom to contact AU financial advisor, Student Financial Services AU financial advisor, Student Financial Services
Deadline At least three months before loan is needed. At least three months before loan is needed.


Other grants and scholarships may be available through the office of your academic program. You may request an application from the respective dean or department chair.

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