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H.M.S. Richards Lectureship on Biblical Preaching

Lectureship List

HMSR 2004: Dr. Derek Morris

Dr. Morris currently serves as the senior pastor of the Forest Lake Adventist Church in Apopka, Florida, and is an adjunct professor of preaching at Southern Adventist University. From 1987 to 2001, he served as a full-time professor of preaching and pastoral theology at Southern Adventist University where he was honored with several awards for excellence in teaching.

He has completed a D.Min. in Practical Theology from Andrews University and a D. Min. in Preaching from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He has published extensively in Ministry magazine, especially on effective biblical preaching and his on-going popular, series of published interviews with some of the finest preachers in North America.

Dr. Morris is in demand as a preacher in both church and professional ministry settings across North America. His skill and commitment to the teaching and practice of preaching is well known. He is well prepared to be this year's featured presenter.

2 tapes
"Listening to the Word"
"Listening to the Community"
"Listening to the Listener"
"Christianity in the Marketplace"

HMSR 2003: Dr. Hyveth Williams

Dr. Hyveth Williams is currently senior pastor of the Campus Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, California, and also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Loma Linda University. Prior to Campus Hill, Pastor Williams served as pastor of the Boston Temple Adventist Church and associate pastor for evangelism at the Sligo Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland.

After a dramatic conversion in 1978, Pastor Williams abandoned a successful political career to prepare for pastoral ministry. She earned a M.Div. degree from Andrews University in 1989 and a D.Min. degree from Boston University School of Theology in 1998 where she did her dissertation in the area of preaching. In 1996, Pastor Williams received a prestigious Fellowship from the Episcopal College of Preachers, National Cathedral, Washington D.C. She is also an internationally acclaimed preacher and author. We are honored to have her as this year's featured presenter.

2 tapes
"The Measure of Grace" & Lecture
"The Meaning of Grace" & Lecture
"The Marvel of Grace" & Lecture
"The Miracle of Grace"

HMSR 2002: Eugene Lowry

Rev. Dr. Eugene Lowry served for over 30 years as Professor of Preaching at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri, and also as preacher, teacher, author, and musician-traveling the U.S. and beyond. An ordained United Methodist minister, Dr Lowry has also earned four academic degrees, including a doctorate in the philosophy of education from the University of Kansas.

His writings include six books on narrative preaching and numerous journal articles on preaching, worship, Biblical study, educational philosophy and creativity. His keyboard work has resulted in four recordings in the blues/jazz mode.

Considered one of today's most effective preachers in the English-speaking world, Dr. Lowry has preached in hundreds of churches and conferences representing over twenty denominations--and lectured in over forty graduate theological seminaries.

2 tapes
"The Current Shape of Preaching"
"Options for Biblical Preaching in the Narrative Mode"
"Preparing the Narrative Sermon"
"One Thing...One Way or Another"

HMSR 2001: Henry Wright

2 tapes
"The Man in the Sermon"
"Imagination in the Sermon"
"8 Steps in Developing a Sermon"
"God in My Arms"

HMSR 2000: Frank Ottati

2 tapes
"Seven Steps for Effective Communication"
"How to Make Your Preaching Practical"
"The Keys of the Kingdom"
"How to Preach for People to Remember"

HMSR 1999: Moris Venden

2 tapes
"Preaching that is Alive and Well"
"Preaching to Lost Sinners"
"Preaching for God Like the Devil"
"Preacking for God Like Jesus Did"

HMSR 1997: Walter Pearson Jr.

2 tapes
"Postmodernism, Fuzzy Denominationalism & Unique Opportunities"
"No Miracle"
"Effective Preaching: An Alternate View of the Writings of EG White--1"
"Effective Preaching: An Alternate View of the Writings of EG White--2"

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